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Call House Cleaners London on 020 3746 2523 whatever kind of cleaning service you require. As you can see below, our prices are more than competitive and the quality of our services are second to none. You can also reach us by filling in the booking form on this website, so don’t delay – get in touch and let us take care of your cleaning for you. 

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Regular Domestic and One-Off Cleaning Prices

  • £12 per hour per cleaner with Annual Subscription*
  • £15 per hour per cleaner as normal price
  • £12 per hour per cleaner for one-time cleaning with Annual Subscription*
  • £15 per hour per cleaner for one-time cleaning as normal price

*The Annual Subscription provides a 10% discount on all other services. Call us to learn more.

T&C and minimum charges apply. For certain areas, different rates may apply! All prices are subject to availability.  


Removals London Prices

 Standard MovesBigger MovesOvernight MovesOvernight Moves
People 2 men with a Transit van 2 men with a Luton van 2 men with a Transit van 2 men with a Luton van
PRICING from £42 p/h* from £56 p/h* from £79 p/h* from £92 p/h*
Van Type Transit Van Luton Van Transit Van Luton Van
Suitable for Studio, 1, 2 bedroom properties 3+ bedroom properties 2+ bedroom properties 3+ bedroom properties
Loading yes yes yes yes
Furniture Dismantle and Assembly yes yes yes yes

*For members with Annual Subscription.
*Minimum 2 hours per move.
*Parking arrangement is client responsibility.
*All taxes are included in the price.
*Boxes are available upon request.
*Our charge starts when the van arrives at the address.
*All Vans are equipped with removal blankets, trolleys and GPS systems.
*Prices are subject to availability.


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Prices vary depending on the size and fabric of the carpets to be cleaned. Example prices include:

  • Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning - from £20*
  • Dining Room Carpet Cleaning - from £24*
  • Three-seated Sofa - from £35*
  • 1 pair short Curtains - from £17*

*For members with Annual Subscription.
*Prices are subject to availability.

Special Deal! | Hallway, Stairs and Landing + Stain Protection for £68*

*Promotional offer cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
*Hallway up to 5sq.m, stairs up to 14 steps, landing up to 3sq.m. Hot water extraction method.

Call us for an instant Free Quote on 020 3746 2523 and our knowledgeable office support staff will be happy to assist you.


Rubbish Removal Prices

The price rates that our operators will discuss with you are based on the amount/weight of rubbish you would like to be carried out.

The table below gives an example of our standard rates

Min Charge max 50 from £45* 5 min
3 Yd3 max 250 from £85* 15 min
6 Yd3 max 500 from £130* 30 min
9 Yd3 max 760 from £171* 45 min
12 Yd3 max 1000 from £238* 60 min

*For members with Annual Subscription.
*Our prices include labour, transport, recycling and disposal fees.
*For domestic and household waste all prices are composed of the volume and the weight of the rubbish.
*Prices are subject to availability.
*For builders and general mixed waste, all prices are composed on the weight of the rubbish.
*If your load is more than 12 cubic yards/1000 kg and require more than a full load of our van we will be able to arrange the service for you with a second visit at the rates stated in the price list.

End of Tenancy Cleaning and Move-Out Cleaning Prices

End of tenancy cleaning prices vary from job to job, depending on the size of the property and specific areas to be cleaned. End of tenancy cleaning from House Cleaners London is a guaranteed service and covers the highest industry standards for end of tenancy cleaning.

Example prices according to your property type:

  • Studio flat (excluding carpet cleaning) from £93*
  • Studio flat (including carpet cleaning) from £124*
  • One Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £125*
  • One Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £163*
  • Two Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £146*
  • Two Bedroom Property(including carpet cleaning) from £203*
  • Three Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £184*
  • Three Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £255*

*For members with Annual Subscription.
*T&C and Minimum charges apply.
*Prices are subject to availability.
*Deals cannot be combined with any other promotions and deals.
*Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

For special requests, formal quotations and appointments please call one of our operating staff on 020 3746 2523.

Office Cleaning Prices

  • once a week 2 hours - £13 per hour
  • once a week 3-5 hours - £12 per hour
  • more than 5 hours per visit- £11 per hour
  • more than 20 hours per week - prices are negotiable

*Prices are subject to availability.

Oven Cleaning Prices:

  • Standard Width
    • Single oven, including two racks - from £47*
    • Double oven, including three racks - from £57*
    • Extractor - from £15*
    • Standard Hob (4 burners) - from £15*
    • Complete Range 90cm - from £76*
    • Complete Range 110cm - from £83*
    • Range Hood or Hob - from £20*
  • AGA (Alpha, Stanley, Rayburn)
    • AGA Oven - from £71*
  • BBQ's 
    • BBQ small - £49
    • BBQ big (over 50cm) - £69
  • Extra Bulb change - £4
  • Extra Grill Pans / Trays - £7 each

Minimum charge for oven cleaning services is £47*.

*For members with Annual Subscription.
*Please bear in mind that our service includes cleaning of the original racks and grill pans in the oven only. Any additional ones will incur extra charges.
*Prices are subject to availability.

Window Cleaning Prices:

    • Outside Window Cleaning - £4 per standard size double window. Minimum charge is £37*.
    • Inside Window Cleaning - £2 per standard size double window. Minimum charges apply.

*For members with Annual Subscription.
*Prices are subject to availability.

Gardening Service Prices:

  • Basic Gardening (incl. lawn mowing/ grass cutting, weeding, hedge and bush trimming, spring & autumn tidy ups) – including all required tools, equipment, and materials - from £49* for the first hour, £38* per hour for every hour after that for 2 people;
  • Professional Garden Maintenance ( incl. patio, path, and deck cleaning; tree trimming; cutting of large bushes or big garden clearances) - including all required tools, equipment, and materials - from £49* for the first hour, £38* per hour for every hour after that for 2 people; 
  • Gardening per Price - for tasks such as laying new grass, turfing, stonework; building a pond, fireplace, fountain, etc., we visit the site, discuss your needs and ideas and give you a quote for the specific work. - to be confirmed after a survey;

*For members with Annual Subscription.
*Minimum call-out charge is 1 hour.
*Prices are subject to availability.

A minimum booking fee of £48 applies to all one-off services. For more cleaning prices, bookings and service information please contact our office on 020 3746 2523.

We have over fifteen years cleaning all kinds of properties in the city, so give us a ring on to book your visit from one of our teams of professional cleaners to find out about the supreme quality of our services for yourself.

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"My landlord decided that he wanted to sell the place so I had to leave in about a week but the flat was a complete mess. I booked your end of tenancy cleaning service and your technicians did an excellent job. My landlordhad to return my bond money because he couldn't find a thing to act unsatisfied about – thank you so much!"

Lonnie Leverich

"Honestly, I was very worried when I booked your removal service becauseI wasn't free that day and my wife had to supervise everything. But asit turned out, you did an excellent job! My wife told me that your workerswere very careful with our belongings. I am glad that I found out about your company! "

Erik Knaub

"After a whole week of raining heavily, our patio and backyard were in terrible condition. The wind brought so many leaves and small branches. I ordered your patio cleaning service and I have to say that your cleaning experts did an impressive job. In fact, now I think that I should have ordered that service a long time ago."

Hillary Diangelo

"I am a big fan of culinary shows and I often try to duplicate what professional chefs are cooking on TV. Needless to say, my kitchen often suffersfrom this because I make a huge mess and I am definitely not a big fan of cleaning up. Last week, I ordered oven cleaning but when I saw the results I wanted my entire kitchen to be professionally cleaned."

Aallan Helstrom

"I moved in the new flat that I rented but the windows looked really smudgy which was a shame because the view from this floor is amazing. Good thing that I had your number, a window cleaning service was just what I needed. Sure enough, your cleaning technician did an excellent job! I will call you again very soon!"

Marcie Caughman

"My son fell asleep on the sofa while holding a bottle of juice in one hand with the cap off. I really thought that we had no other choice but to throw the sofa away because that stain was never coming off. My wife insisted that we should order professional sofa cleaning and so we did. I am really glad for choosing your company as a service provider, now our sofa looks like brand new! Thank you so much for visiting us on such short notice!"

Max Gemmill

"We have nearly 50 employees in one of our offices and we often celebrate birthday parties and special occasions. As a manager, I want nothing but the best for my staff so I order office cleaning service every day. So far,your expert cleaners have never failed me. Keep up the good work!"

Christian Wetherington

"Our summer home is vacant during the cold months of the year and each month we order house cleaning from your company so that it can stay in top shape. I am very glad that I can trust your cleaners with such a task."

Louisa Paul

"Ever since we order spring cleaning back in March, we've been usingyour exceptional cleaning services for pretty much everything around the house. It's a good thing to know that there is a whole professional cleaning company ready to help you with whatever you need. Thank you, for your dedication and professionalism!"

Neil Sieber

"Me and my wife, we are both very busy and we can't be bothered withhousework. That is why we use your services for our home and I have to saythat each time your cleaners do a great job. They are very polite and sureknow what they are doing. Excellent job!"

Frank Anderson

"With two small children to take care of and a husband who works nearly every day, I am left all alone against all the chores that wait around our home. Ever since I learned that I can order professional cleaning for our house I've been using your services. Because of your expert cleaners ourhome looks clean and presentable all the time – thank you so much!"

Elinor Andrews

"I did not know that professional cleaning could make such a difference.Our home looks clean and free of clutter and the best part is that I don't even have to lift a finger. Last week we ordered kitchen cleaning and you did an excellent job. A five star service!"

Cody Styron

"My son's birthday party was a lot of fun but it left a pretty huge mess for me to deal with. The worst part was that somebody had spilled orange juice on my favourite carpet. Your carpet cleaning service was just whatI needed – a friend of mine told that your services are really efficient. And sure enough, my carpet was fully restored and the stain is gone. Now,I know who to call when I need help with all the housework."

Gemma Gladstone

"I use your cleaning services for both my home and office. A friend of mine told me about how efficient and affordable your services are. I am veryglad that I learned about your company because I am not much of a cleaner and I don't enjoy housework at all!"

Hugh Radel

"Last week, I ordered carpet and curtain cleaning from your company and the cleaning technician did an excellent job. I didn't know that my carpets were that dirty until they were once again clean – the difference was stunning. I will order more services pretty soon!"

Noreen Johnson